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Natsu and Lucy by Yachiru-likes-candy

Vision: You got across what you wanted. Natsu and Lucy, emotions inn both of their eyes, although Natsu's expression little ambiguous t...

Supreme Lord of Chaos by Saij-Spellhart

Immediately, is very beautiful. I love how there is some body language, not just standing there. It looks like is just line art and not...


The TRUE ending...whatever that is. As same as Mizoguchi path, I will post other endings afterwards.

Seven 前田智明 (Maeda, Tomoaki) 

True ENDING   (Certaintly has more sense than other storylines. Still poor execution but...)
2日: Mizoguchi
3日: Mizoguchi
4日: Sakuma      (Little Sakuma story, eh?)
5日: Ichinose     (Hmm, interesting)
6日: Arisato       (What is this? A plot?)
       - "Is it really a storeroom?"
7日: Komine       (More?)
       - "It's an elevator."
8日: Mizoguchi's room   (He not there but you did this before.)
9-10日: Sealed room     (Tomoaki chibi is located there.)
            Auto Event: Call during storm   (What, you want me to like Maeda?)
11日: Mizoguchi's room  (Yes, it is...)
         - "It's wonderful."   (I think...)
  And NOW, you know the truth. SO, following here, choice doesn't matter. So long as you pick any of butlers for whom events are available. This is what I did. And since you should be missing Sakuma's CG, make sure you at least choose him.
12日: Sakuma
13日: Arisato
14日: Toudou
15日: Ichinose
16日: Trespasser
         - Choice doesn't matter (I'm pretty sure it doesn't)
17日: Arisato
         - "It'd look better on me."    ( know this one.)
18日: Toudou
         Auto Event: Uniforms
         - Don't change them.   ()
19日: Arisato   (Why...)
20日: Komine    (I always found this one weird but role suit him better)
21日: Ichinose
         - Scratch his chest.
22日: Toudou    (Well, he torturing all of them so let's be fair)
23日: Sakuma    (Hurr, your turn Sakuma~. This is order I chose. Choice doesn't matter.)
         - Undid jacket.
         - Undid jacket.
         - Undid belt.
24日:  Day is skipped
25日: Sakuma
26日: Sakuma   (THIS is new. Whatever happened, I did not see...)
27日: Sakuma   (For such kind old man, he is scariest. SAVE HERE. There are two options, look at both.) 
         - Remove the...   (Don't wanna spoil it. You'll know when you see)
         - Leave it in.
28日: Sakuma     (It gross but make me feel a little better)
29日: Ichinose
30日True End No.26
... Is "fap" a word people often use? Never heard it before... ANYWAYS, I wanna give my own thoughts on this. Ignore if you want. Artwork is decent but some angles are terrible. As a writer, I will say the plot is true crap, no offense. The whole tormenting blood is just excuse to do the SM stuff with the butlers. The sex didn't surround an underlying plot, like in Nitro Chiral stories, but the plot surrounded the sex. And most of all, disgusting. Just disgusting stuff. Whether you like it or not is up to you but story wise, it is terrible. 

ENDING No.20    (Simple)
6日: Arisato  
       - Destroy the door.     (Smart? What you think?)
       - "Just break it already."
 Bad End No.20

ENDING No.1      (Follow TRUE path except on University days)
2日: Komine
       - (Any choice besides "It's an elevator." sends you to Bad End No.1)
3日: Mizoguchi's Room
      - "It looks pretty valuable."    (You chose this, you get Bad End No.1)
11日: Mizoguchi's Room
         - "It's dreadful."    (Maintaining goodness)
Bad End No.1

ENDING No.3    (Shouldn't bother with but is there.)
Simply do nothing and sleep whole time.
 Bad End No.3

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